Neon nails are always a good idea

essie nail polish in serial shopper

Essie Nail Colour in Serial Shopper, £7.99

You know, sometimes a nail colour comes along that steals the limelight from the rest of the new launches and this summer, Essie’s Nail Colour in Serial Shopper, £7.99, is the ONE.

How do I know this? Well, I’ve been wearing it constantly since I got my hands on it about a month ago (it looked great in Ibiza) and in the past week I’ve come into contact with five different people wearing my nail polish. Which I think you’ll agree is unusual, considering how many nail colours have launched this summer.

I can’t explain what is about this shade that captures the vibe of summer 2014, but what I do know is that like Ibiza, neon is always a good idea.

Forever young


Re-Coll Collagen Plus Skin Maintenance System, £39.99

Even though I did go and see Jay Z last night I’m not talking about his song here, oh no, I’m talking about how to stay looking…forever young.

Say hello to Re-Coll Collagen Plus Skin Maintenance System, £39.99, a genius dual attack programme combing Collagen Plus Capsules (90) and Collagen 24hour Cream, 100ml.

The Re-Coll Collagen supplements have been developed using Hydrolysed collagen, which is a high-grade collagen used in supplements specifically designed with small chain peptides making it easier for the body to absorb and distribute effectively around the body. The collagen peptides then form the building blocks for the formation of new collagen in the skin, which increases hydration and a visibly makes skin look plumper. The Collagen Plus Cream contains Argireline, a peptide that when applied to skin forces muscles not to contract as much, reducing the appearance of the wrinkles that show up when you smile or frown.

Used together this system maintains healthy skin and go some way to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and reverse the signs of ageing. Basically, it turns back time, or holds it still at the very least.

This October for every product sold Re-Coll will be making a donation to the Pink Ribbon Foundation – Breast Cancer Charity.

The teen beauty drama

Let’s talk about spots. Miss T has recently been suffering from quite a few breakouts, now we’re not talking acne but bad enough for her to feel conscious of them – it’s allowed, she’s in year nine.

Over the last couple of years Miss T has tried a lot of spot treatment products, some very expensive some really affordable, but no matter what she used she still kept breaking out and nothing, apart from a very strong range with retinol in which I stopped her using when I realised how strong it was, seemed to stop them.

However, this last breakout I actually sat down and got her to talk through her skincare routine with me, it turns out she wasn’t cleansing her skin at night she was just getting the make up off with wipes and then using a normal face wash in the morning.

Ok, time to step up the spot fighting action, So, being a little bit obsessed about sticking to a skincare routine myself, I planned one for Miss T which included products with the spot fighting ingredient Salicylic acid in them. Here goes…

1 At night take your make-up off with Bioderma Sebium H20 Michelle Solution, £14.80.

2 Then wash your face using Clean & Clear Advantage Clear & Soothe Daily Scrub, £4.99

3 In the morning use Clean & Clear Advantage Clear & Soothe Foaming Wash, £4.99, then moisturise skin.

And, so far it’s working. After two weeks of sticking to the routine, Miss T’s spots are clearing up, no new ones have appeared and her skin looks healthier than it’s looked for a while. I’m impressed with the new clear & soothe range as it clearly fights spots but is also gentle enough for teenage skin.

Get Justin Bieber for Christmas…yes really!


Justin Bieber The Key set, £24

Perhaps I exaggerated, just slightly, oops. Sorry, but Justin Bieber won’t fit down the chimney, although the Justin Bieber The Key gift set, £24, which includes an exclusive Justin Bieber ring tone, will!

Oh yes, you read that correctly, when you buy Justin Bieber’s The Key gift set this Christmas you get a FREE ringtone. Not any old ring tone, one that Justin himself has recorded in his own voice, using some of his most famous lyrics to make you pick up the phone.

Now, I saw the gift set and heard the ringtone yesterday and instantly knew, perhaps because I have a teen queen that this is going to fly off the shelves when it comes out on 1st October, available from Debenhams, The Perfume Shop and Superdrug. So, if you want it as a pressie for someone I think you should get in early, and that’s coming from someone who leaves her Christmas shopping to the week before the big day.

It’s not just Justin that’s recorded an exclusive ringtone to go with each purchase of their gift set – Britney, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, all have too.

I want them all, and I think every teenager out there will too! Ring. Ring.

The best new season nude lipstick

If the new beauty season has taught me anything it’s that no matter how many trend reports tell me that a deep burgundy lipstick will be my AW/13 must have, if Kate Moss and Cara Delvingne go out wearing a nude lip look – that’s going to be my new choice of lippy shade.

However, we all know finding a nude lipstick that doesn’t make you look as washed out as all those poor fashionistas going to NYFW/LFW/MFL/PFW without a break, is harder than getting on the FROW.

Aah, to save you the hard work I have actually found the perfect nude lipstick. It’s a kinda peachy, beige with a tiny hint of orange, that has got loads of pigment so gives amazing coverage, say hello to Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Isola Bella, £17.70.

Promise it’ll give you that nude lip look that everyone has been wearing both on and off the catwalks – you can thank me later!

How to extend your tan

When I say how to extend your tan what I actually mean is, this is my favourite after-a-day-on-the-beach product EVER and I think you need to know about it. What is it? Lancaster Legendary Tan Nourishing Oil, £30.

It probably hasn’t gone unnoticed that it’s another Lancaster product, well that’s because I am obsessed with their sun care and have been since I first started using it on beauty shoots in places like Miami and Barbados in the late nineties (did I just admit that).

Up until this year I religiously used the iconic Lancaster Tan Maximiser, £22. Admittedly you pretty much need to use a bottle a week on holiday, but it works and is the only product I’ve found that does what it does and that’s extend your tan without fake tan. Until now!

Oh yes, this year saw the launch of the oil version which I was sceptical about using at first but it delivers the same Tan Activator Complex as Tan Maximiser. How does it work? When you apply it after being in the sun it helps to intensify melanin production and prolongs your tan.

I’ve just used it on holiday and I can report that it worked and my tan has definitely stayed glowy for longer and what’s more a bottle of this lasts about four times as long as a bottle of the original.

I know what my new holiday must-have product is!

Love Jessie J’s V Festival make up


Jessie J at V Festival

Jessie J stormed the stage at this year’s V Festival and not one to let us down on setting some style trends (oh how we’ve missed that) she wowed Staffordshire with a fashion-forward AW/13 make up look.

Oh yes, you may have seen her red lippy look splashed all over the papers but I’ve tracked down a picture of Jessie J’s make up look for her Sunday performance – just take a look it’s stunning.

What I love most about Jessie J’s look is the contrast between her flawless face and the pop of burgundy matte lipstick she’s slicked on.

Now, I don’t know what lipstick Jessie is wearing but I just love MAC’s Pro Lip Palette/6 Select Plums, £35, and you’ll be able to create the perfect copycat look to suit you with the choice of tonal colours that come in the palette – trust me these lipstick shades will be all you need to take you through from now to next Spring.

The teen beauty drama

Miss T doesn’t take much notice of beauty TV adverts but she loves this one and has even followed the steps to recreate the style. Take note beauty brands – it takes more than a celebrity face and pretty packaging to capture the attention of teens!