Love this face primer


MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance, £28

I’m going to say this quietly – I’ve never seen the point in face primers. I know, but hang on a minute, that was before I found this one, MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance, £28, that delivers what it promises.

Now, let’s not underestimate how many I’ve tried over the last few months (oh about 20) to find one that I can actually be bothered to apply, after my moisturiser and before my foundation.

Well, far from just about being bothered to apply this MAC one, I’m now a bit obsessive about it and won’t even wear my weekend BB cream without applying it first.

What’s so great I hear you ask? It has a silky gel formula that contains oil-controlling ingredients (yeah no mid-day shine) along with caffeine to calm redness and golden pearl powders to deliver an illuminated glow to skin.

Which is why I now see the point of using a good face primer. Because, even just a thin layer of this magic gel applied under foundation, leaves skin prepped, flawless, shine free and ‘selfie’ ready – all day long.


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