Your new favourite lip gloss

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 06

Admit it, you’re always looking for the best nude lip gloss.

In fact you even ask perfect strangers what lippy they’re wearing, or if you’re me you ask Kim Kardashian what nude lip gloss she is wearing…it was MAC if you’re interested.

You see, nothing (not even a celebrity) stands in the way of us ladies finding the perfect nude lip gloss that is:

a) Glossy not gloopy

b) Looks like caramel

c) Softens lips with shea butter

d) Can be applied on the go

Ah, I can tick all those boxes for you, with my new favourite lip gloss, Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, £17 in 06 Rosewood Shimmer.

04402310 Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector Swatch
Rosewood Shimmer

You can’t see from the picture but it has something called ‘3D Radiance’ a pigment that optically smooths lips, to create a natural gloss finish.

Sounds complicated, in fact it delivers a lip look that has shimmer with no sparkly bits so lips look really shiny without looking or feeling like you’re wearing lip gloss. Genius.

It also has, wait for it, a sponge-tip applicator that allows you to slick on just the the right amount without having to look in a mirror.

I know, you probably don’t need another nude lip gloss but I really think this will be the ‘ONE’. But if you’ve already found the ‘ONE’ I’d love you to tell me what it is?


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