The only two summer nail polishes you need

Naughty Nautical
Essie Nail Colour in Naughty Nautical, £7.99

I never embraced the nail art trend. I know that’s hard to believe but I’ve always preferred to have my nails painted in one colour, somehow I think they look more groomed that way.

Ok, I admit I may have had the odd star design on my nails but that’s pretty much it, but this one colour rule has meant that I’m really fussy about choosing the right shade.

For this summer I knew exactly what tone of blue-green polish I wanted for my finger nails and after trying out every possible contestant, I found the winner in Essie’s summer collection, say hello to Naughty Nautical, £7.99.

You only need two coats as the pigment is strong and it’s got a slight shimmer to it which, trust me, is brilliant for the beach.

Then there is this summer’s toe nail colour rule to stick to. Oh you don’t know what it is? Let me enlighten you, N.E.O.N.

094_Orange Zest
Jessica Custom Nail Colour in Orange Zest, £9.75

Any colour goes, just as long as it glows in the dark. And let me tell you tracking down a true neon nail polish is trickier than it sounds but I think I’ve managed to find what I think is the shade-of-the-summer, Jessica’s Custom Nail Colour in Orange Zest, £9.75.

I just need to find some sun to go with my summer nails…I’ve heard it’s in Ibiza.


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