This waterproof make up remover works

Smashbox It’s A Wrap waterproof Mascara, £16.60

What I’ve learnt this past week is that when you switch your old mascara for a new one, that just happens to be waterproof (it was the new MAC False Lashes Waterproof, if you’re interested) you’re usual cleansing wipes…don’t get all of the mascara off.

In fact they don’t even remove half of it!

Of course I persevered, you see I’m a cleansing wipe fan and believe they can take anything off. Not this time. After two days of waking up with old mascara still on my lashes I admitted defeat and searched the house for a waterproof make up remover.

Ta dah! I found this, the new Smashbox It’s A Wrap Waterproof Makeup Remover, £16.50. As instructed I shook the bottle to mix up the dual-phase remover, soaked a cotton pad with it and swiped over my eyes.

I’ll be honest the waterproof mascara didn’t all come off in one swoop but it had disappeared completely after the second swipe.

And that is more than good enough for me and I think it will be for you too.


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