The teen beauty drama

Miss T

Miss T became a teenager today, yes that does mean I’m a mum of a teenager, don’t rub it in! Here she is after her birthday trip to Nando’s with her friends, it’s the in thing to do, trust me.

A few of her friends came back to our house so their mums could pick them up. What’s the beauty point? Before the front door was even shut they’d disappeared to Miss T’s bedroom, not to post selfies to Facebook, but to smell the new Justin Bieber fragrance, The Key, £25 for 30ml.

Justin Bieber The Key, £24 for 30ml

I’m not sure I realised the anticipation amongst teenagers for this scent before today. You see it’s not just a new scent, this is Justin giving a piece of himself to his fans and we have a bottle in our house, even though it’s not out till August.

Needless to say Miss T’s friends couldn’t wait to try it, oh yes, there was a lot of it spritzed today, luckily I quite like it and I say luckily because I can still smell it now. There are notes of pear, pink jasmine and vanilla, which make for quite a comforting smell.

Personally I think it should be launched earlier as the hype has started and I think the Beliebers in the UK want it now…I know I would if I was 13.


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