Summer’s best sunscreens

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I know that the sky has been grey for the last few days but my little weather app assures me we’re in for a sunny spell.

Come on, Apple, is never wrong and after seeing lots of people at Glastonbury (sadly I wasn’t there I just watched hours of it on the BBC) with sore red patches of skin, I decided I needed to do a post about what I think is this year’s best new sun protection.

Firstly say hello to Nivea’s new Sun Protect & Refresh Cooling Mist SPF30, £15.40 but currently £8.49 on It’s the first aerosol sunscreen from Nivea and it’s seriously good. In fact it’s so good it’ll be coming on holiday with me this year.

Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF30, £15.40

I used it over the weekend and honestly, it delivered everything I’ve ever wanted from a sunscreen spray. It sprayed at all angles, it spritzed a fine mist that only needed one swipe of my hand to rub it in, it wasn’t sticky and I didn’t burn. TICK.

Now, I know all mums are going to be with me on this, applying sun lotion on kids is a pain because a) they don’t stand still b) they don’t want you to rub it in c) they think the whole process is BORING.

So, my next best sun protection spray is, Lancaster’s new Sun for Kids Invisible Mist Wet Skin SPF50, £21. I wouldn’t usually recommend a premium priced kiddie product but this is genius. It sprays clear, can be applied directly onto wet skin and doesn’t leave a trace of residue.

Lancaster Sun For Kids Invisible wet Skin SPF50, £21

Let me reiterate, a sunscreen for kids that you can apply quickly onto wet skin, that doesn’t leave a residue, gives instant protection against UVA and UVB rays and the kids don’t complain, trust me, it doesn’t get any better. Oh hang a minute it does, it has the distinctive Lancaster smell too.

Sod the kids – I’ll be using it!


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