Your new summer skin saviour

Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase, £41

Do you know what I think the problem is with choosing a new face serum? You don’t know what your skin needs until you start using the right product.

One day you can be happily applying your trusty old face serum, thinking that every application is taking off 10 years. The next day no matter how much you apply your face looks like it’s put the 10 years back on plus another eight.

Now, this happened to me last week and as I change my face serum constantly there was no way I could tell what wasn’t delivering the results I wanted…erm, the 25 year old me!

So I racked my brains to try and remember what I was using this time last year, because I definitely looked younger in last year’s selfies. Yes, ok I admit it I do study old pictures of myself to see how I’ve aged. Sad I know, but doesn’t everyone do that?

What was it? Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase, £41, a light serum that has a fluid texture. What does it do? It rescues seriously dehydrated skin by acting in two ways. Firstly it replenishes the skin’s dermal water reservoir and secondly it sits on top of the skin holding in the moisture. What are the results? Skin that looks plumped and glowy, oh yes that does mean the wrinkles plump out too. Bonus.

You know what – I realise now that (it’s fine you can click off here if you don’t want to read a cliché) I was dehydrated. I hadn’t been drinking my bottle of water a day, and my face had suffered for it.

In this weather I would say forget about using a serum to battle skin tone, sagging, lines and wrinkles. Leave that to winter. What matters now is putting water into your skin from inside and out. Lesson learnt.

Do you have a summer skin saviour? I’d love you to tell me what it is.


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