The teen beauty drama

Beyonce shared this picture of herself and Blue Ivy on Tumblr

Beyonce has shared some adorable new pictures of herself and Blue Ivy on Tumblr (seriously how can I get adopted by her and Jay Z) and while I was looking at how cute Blue was…Miss T was checking out Beyonce’s floral hairband.

You see Miss T has been rockin’ this trend for about three months and tells me that she was the first one in her school to wear a hippie style floral headband. Apparently the trend’s taken off now and Miss T gets asked all the time where she got her daisy chain.

The one she wears the most is this one from Accessorize but she did talk me into buying her a gorgeous one from Hollister, don’t, I know but it was her Birthday!

Accessorize Daisy Chain Stretch Bando, £6

Miss T tells me the trick to wearing this look is to make sure the hippie headband is worn just on the hairline, and like her Beyonce has placed it perfectly.

When I’m living my beach life, holiday to you and me, I might just wear the look too – then again I’m not sure Miss T will let me!


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