How to extend your tan

Lancaster Legendary Tan Nourishing Oil, £30.

When I say how to extend your tan what I actually mean is, this is my favourite after-a-day-on-the-beach product EVER and I think you need to know about it. What is it? Lancaster Legendary Tan Nourishing Oil, £30.

It probably hasn’t gone unnoticed that it’s another Lancaster product, well that’s because I am obsessed with their sun care and have been since I first started using it on beauty shoots in places like Miami and Barbados in the late nineties (did I just admit that).

Up until this year I religiously used the iconic Lancaster Tan Maximiser, £22. Admittedly you pretty much need to use a bottle a week on holiday, but it works and is the only product I’ve found that does what it does and that’s extend your tan without fake tan. Until now!

Oh yes, this year saw the launch of the oil version which I was sceptical about using at first but it delivers the same Tan Activator Complex as Tan Maximiser. How does it work? When you apply it after being in the sun it helps to intensify melanin production and prolongs your tan.

I’ve just used it on holiday and I can report that it worked and my tan has definitely stayed glowy for longer and what’s more a bottle of this lasts about four times as long as a bottle of the original.

I know what my new holiday must-have product is!


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