Neon nails are always a good idea

essie nail polish in serial shopper
Essie Nail Colour in Serial Shopper, £7.99

You know, sometimes a nail colour comes along that steals the limelight from the rest of the new launches and this summer, Essie’s Nail Colour in Serial Shopper, £7.99, is the ONE.

How do I know this? Well, I’ve been wearing it constantly since I got my hands on it about a month ago (it looked great in Ibiza) and in the past week I’ve come into contact with five different people wearing my nail polish. Which I think you’ll agree is unusual, considering how many nail colours have launched this summer.

I can’t explain what is about this shade that captures the vibe of summer 2014, but what I do know is that like Ibiza, neon is always a good idea.


Yeah, Maybelline Baby Lips arrive today!

Maybelline Baby Lips, £2.99

Waiting for Maybelline Baby Lips, £2.99, to arrive in the UK has been as painful as waiting for the Royal baby to appear.

Luckily, we can all now turn off the 24hour Sky news feed as the little Prince has arrived, and so have Maybelline’s Baby Lips with the whole range of six flavoured lips balms hitting stores today.

These little babies are packed with Shea butter to soften lips, Centalla to plump lips, Vitamin complex to condition lips and SPF 20 to protect lips. Phew.

Ok, so Maybelline were a day out with their launch date but my money is on Hydrate (the baby blue one) selling out quicker than you can slick the balm on your lips…and that’s quick!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate Lemon basil scent and SPF20, £2.99

The teen beauty drama

I was very lucky to get a sneaky peak of Rimmel’s AW/13 make-up collection this week and there are some gorgeous products coming your way…just not yet!

Now, you know I don’t like talking about products that you can’t buy now, but I thought you’d like to know Miss T’s top picks from the new collection, including a good black eye liner that’s already in the shops.

Because, erm, she’s a bit of a make-up magpie, as soon as I walked in the front door with the bag of not-in-the-shops-yet-make-up – Miss T had delved in to check out the goodies.

She’s been asking me for ages to show her how to do a simple smoky eye, so it’s no surprise that she pulled out these products:

Rimmel AW/13


Rimmel Glameyes HD Eye Shadow in Golden Eye, £6.99 available from 2nd October

Rimmel Retro Glam Extreme Black Mascara, £6.99 available from 2nd October

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in Blackmail, £4.49 out now

And I, yes I, who is not a make-up artist, showed Miss T how to use the products. Firstly I used the eye shadow palette and swept the silver over the whole of Miss T’s eyelid, then I blended in the lighter grey shadow over the lower eyelid before popping the gold in the inner eye corners.

I finished the look by drawing a line of the black shadow stick along the upper and lower lash lines, smudged with a brush so it didn’t look too harsh and coated curled lashes with mascara.


Miss T’s smoky eye

Miss T really liked the look and I have to say the new HD Eye Shadow palettes are brilliant with wearable colours and an amazing pigment payoff – there’s even application instructions on the back so teen queens everywhere can create their own smoky eyes! Are. You. Listening. Miss T?

This facial hair remover works

bliss ‘fuzz’ off, £15


Well this is going to be embarrassing. I’m asking myself why I’m going to write about this subject already and I’ve only just started typing.

What is this mortifying subject? Facial hair. I know I’m late to this particular party as in general I’m quite hair free, but I recently developed a moustache. Ssshhh, I don’t want everyone to know about it.

It wasn’t staying, oh no, I’d zapped it off quicker than I click through on a sale email, using Bliss’ new hair removal cream, ‘fuzz’ off, £15.

Amazingly easy to use, first you have to do a patch test on your inner forearm, and if there is no reaction after 24 hours you can use it on your face. All you have to do is dispense the cream using it’s built-in precision tip onto the area you want to zap of hair, cover completely and leave for, well I left it on for five minutes.

You then wipe it off with a damp tissue before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. See, I did read the instructions, which is unusual for me but I figured that you don’t mess about when it comes to removing hair on your face!

As if by magic, my highly embarrassing moustache had disappeared and what’s more the cream smells nice, moisturises skin and tackles pesky wrinkles.

What’s not to love?

The teen beauty drama

Beyonce shared this picture of herself and Blue Ivy on Tumblr

Beyonce has shared some adorable new pictures of herself and Blue Ivy on Tumblr (seriously how can I get adopted by her and Jay Z) and while I was looking at how cute Blue was…Miss T was checking out Beyonce’s floral hairband.

You see Miss T has been rockin’ this trend for about three months and tells me that she was the first one in her school to wear a hippie style floral headband. Apparently the trend’s taken off now and Miss T gets asked all the time where she got her daisy chain.

The one she wears the most is this one from Accessorize but she did talk me into buying her a gorgeous one from Hollister, don’t, I know but it was her Birthday!

Accessorize Daisy Chain Stretch Bando, £6

Miss T tells me the trick to wearing this look is to make sure the hippie headband is worn just on the hairline, and like her Beyonce has placed it perfectly.

When I’m living my beach life, holiday to you and me, I might just wear the look too – then again I’m not sure Miss T will let me!

Your new summer skin saviour

Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase, £41

Do you know what I think the problem is with choosing a new face serum? You don’t know what your skin needs until you start using the right product.

One day you can be happily applying your trusty old face serum, thinking that every application is taking off 10 years. The next day no matter how much you apply your face looks like it’s put the 10 years back on plus another eight.

Now, this happened to me last week and as I change my face serum constantly there was no way I could tell what wasn’t delivering the results I wanted…erm, the 25 year old me!

So I racked my brains to try and remember what I was using this time last year, because I definitely looked younger in last year’s selfies. Yes, ok I admit it I do study old pictures of myself to see how I’ve aged. Sad I know, but doesn’t everyone do that?

What was it? Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase, £41, a light serum that has a fluid texture. What does it do? It rescues seriously dehydrated skin by acting in two ways. Firstly it replenishes the skin’s dermal water reservoir and secondly it sits on top of the skin holding in the moisture. What are the results? Skin that looks plumped and glowy, oh yes that does mean the wrinkles plump out too. Bonus.

You know what – I realise now that (it’s fine you can click off here if you don’t want to read a cliché) I was dehydrated. I hadn’t been drinking my bottle of water a day, and my face had suffered for it.

In this weather I would say forget about using a serum to battle skin tone, sagging, lines and wrinkles. Leave that to winter. What matters now is putting water into your skin from inside and out. Lesson learnt.

Do you have a summer skin saviour? I’d love you to tell me what it is.

The teen beauty drama

Miss T’s show time make up kit

Sometimes you have to admit that you were wrong and on Friday night I had to hold my hands up and tell Miss T that she was right and I was way off!

You see on the hottest weekend of the year Miss T was about to perform in her dance school’s show at the local theatre, and as you can imagine what make up she took into the dressing room, was a big deal.

So, on Friday night at, oh about 6pm when most shops were CLOSED (why do teens do that?) Miss T informed that she needed a face powder and the only one she wanted was the MUA one that all her friends had.

That told me. Of course, being curious to see what the big deal was with the latest teen must-have, I took her to buy the ‘in’ beauty product and guess what? It was £1.

I know you’re all thinking what I said: ‘It must be rubbish for a quid.’

Do you know what, I have been totally proved wrong, the MUA Pressed Powder is amazing, for £1. It was the perfect colour for Miss T, it looked natural and it kept Miss T shine free on the stage.

Hands up, I was wrong and it’s taught me that I need to take note of the more affordable make up ranges out there. And I intend to.

In case you’re interested here’s what was in Miss T’s show time make up bag:

MUA Pressed Powder, £1

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner, £3.99

Max Factor Clump Defy Volumising Mascara, £10.99

The Body Shop LL Cruelty Free Blusher Brush, £8

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 101, £5.49

Summer’s best sunscreens

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I know that the sky has been grey for the last few days but my little weather app assures me we’re in for a sunny spell.

Come on, Apple, is never wrong and after seeing lots of people at Glastonbury (sadly I wasn’t there I just watched hours of it on the BBC) with sore red patches of skin, I decided I needed to do a post about what I think is this year’s best new sun protection.

Firstly say hello to Nivea’s new Sun Protect & Refresh Cooling Mist SPF30, £15.40 but currently £8.49 on It’s the first aerosol sunscreen from Nivea and it’s seriously good. In fact it’s so good it’ll be coming on holiday with me this year.

Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF30, £15.40

I used it over the weekend and honestly, it delivered everything I’ve ever wanted from a sunscreen spray. It sprayed at all angles, it spritzed a fine mist that only needed one swipe of my hand to rub it in, it wasn’t sticky and I didn’t burn. TICK.

Now, I know all mums are going to be with me on this, applying sun lotion on kids is a pain because a) they don’t stand still b) they don’t want you to rub it in c) they think the whole process is BORING.

So, my next best sun protection spray is, Lancaster’s new Sun for Kids Invisible Mist Wet Skin SPF50, £21. I wouldn’t usually recommend a premium priced kiddie product but this is genius. It sprays clear, can be applied directly onto wet skin and doesn’t leave a trace of residue.

Lancaster Sun For Kids Invisible wet Skin SPF50, £21

Let me reiterate, a sunscreen for kids that you can apply quickly onto wet skin, that doesn’t leave a residue, gives instant protection against UVA and UVB rays and the kids don’t complain, trust me, it doesn’t get any better. Oh hang a minute it does, it has the distinctive Lancaster smell too.

Sod the kids – I’ll be using it!